What We're About

We live in diverse world with evolving definitions of expertise and success. Schools and colleges at all levels must employ curricular design and teaching methods that help students move toward professional success and personal well-being in a constantly changing environment. We offer professional development to educational institutions that is guided by evidence-based practices that foster mutual understanding and achievement of organizational objectives. We also conduct applied research in support of the development and fulfillment of institutional goals – examining the student experience and social relationships among all members of educational organizations.

Areas of work include project-based learning, service-learning, ELL and bilingual programs, special education services, school and program design, educational leadership, programs in support of equity and inclusion, and challenges with disproportionality in special education.


Recent Projects

  • Research on and recommendations relating to racial/ethnic issues with equity and inclusion in a suburban school district (including examination of specific data on disproportionality – e.g., student discipline rates)
  • Research on Special Education referral and identification processes in urban and suburban school districts
  • Research in English Language Students with and without disabilities and services provided to them in urban and suburban school districts
  • Research on MTSS implementation and evaluation in urban and suburban school districts
  • Professional development on MTSS implementation and evaluation
  • Professional development on English Language Students with and without disabilities
  • Professional development on applications of data in MTSS, Special Education, and ELL programming

Consultation and Services

Think Big — Think Innovatively. Follow Students — Focus on People.

Vision Development

Establish a clear vision for your work. Build consensus around that vision. Wrestle with the relationship between what students experience and external demands on schools.

School Design

Redesign your school environment for equity and inclusion, prerequisites for maximum learning.

Program Evaluation

Know your population and experience of programs through their eyes and voices.

Strategic Planning

Build your plan around your mission and your vision for student success.

Professional Development

Co-design and tailor research-based professional learning for faculty and staff.

Gathering and Using Information

Examine programming at every level through careful consideration of both qualitative and quantitative data.

Programming through Partnerships

Envision innovative, responsive partnerships between schools and organizations that benefit staff, students, and community.

Implementation Support

Implementation support and fidelity evaluation of schoolwide models.

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